Painting Services


Efficient & Affordable Painting Services.

House painting can be a significant investment, especially for a large project. So when choosing a house painting service, it’s great that you get a good deal – but more importantly, select a service that can do your job on time, within their estimated costs, and with reliable, good handiwork.

Guaranteed & Included

  • No dilution of paint
  • Two coats for a lasting finish
  • Fresh, authentic Nippon Paint manufactured locally
  • Protection with premium painter’s tape and dropsheets
  • Moving and reinstating your furniture 
  • Wall & Ceiling up to 3m height
  • Making good of minor wall defects
  • General clean up

Our home painting services are perfect if:

  • You are a new home owner, or
  • You want to sell your house, or
  • You’re an existing homeowner wanting to make your home look new
  • You have a budget and do not want to overspend on unnecessary items 
  • You are not very sure what kinds of paints to use and want to leave it to the experts
  • You don’t have time to paint the home yourself
  • Your walls have some peeling / cracking / holes or water spots that need fixing
  • Your home has some mould in kitchen / toilets that need fixing